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edgy | sarcastic | quirky

Jayme started narrating audiobooks in 2013.  Her clients include Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Blackstone Publishing, Lyric Audio, Audible, Dreamscape, and Penguin Random House.  

Genres includes Fiction, YA, New Adult, Fantasy, Thriller, Contemporary Nonfiction, and Romance.

For project availability, please email at


Selected Titles

The Elizassuspense, 1st person
00:00 / 05:00
Josh and HazelM/F dialogue, 1st person
00:00 / 05:01
All CityLGBTQ, 1st person
00:00 / 05:01
Savage Appetitestrue crime, 3rd person
00:00 / 05:00
When the Light Go OutYA, 1st person
00:00 / 05:00
Hollywood's Evebiography, 3rd person
00:00 / 05:00
A Country Weddingromance, 3rd person
00:00 / 05:00
TemperF/F dialogue, 3rd person
00:00 / 05:00
Vacuum in the Darknonfiction, 3rd person
00:00 / 05:00

Selected Reviews

99 percent mine.jpg

"Her distinctive voice with its thick timbre and snarky Valley Girl tone is appropriate for edgy heroine Darcy Barrett.... Darcy has no verbal filters, and Mattler owns her take-chances personality with a wistful narration that makes listeners love Darcy, flaws and all." Audiofile

rough beauty.jpg

"...Jayme Mattler's husky tone gives voice to a woman's struggle with both natural and spiritual elements in the stark Colorado Rockies.... With reserved grace, Mattler's delivery reflects the bold honesty of Auvinen's bracing story." Audiofile


"Alternating sections of the report, the narrators have individual strengths--from Gibson Frazier's clear, accessible voice to Jayme Mattler's urgent, spirited approach and Prentice Onayemi's deep pitch and expressive tone." Audiofile

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